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This Script Works in IE 5.5+, Opera 8, NS 7, Mozilla 1.8 & Firefox 1.5.

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With more modifications by Ewok

In the script you you will find this section:
//This specifies the scroller messages
line[1]=" *-*-*-* Typing Scroller *-*-*-* "
This is an awsome script "
It brings up the text you want..."
One letter at a time. "
You can add and subtract lines as you like. "
It\'s very cool and easy to use. "
You can change the Font Style,Colour and Size. "

NOTE: If there is a ' (comma) in a word you must put a \ (backslash) before it to let the computer know that it is not an instruction. E.G. As in line[6]

//This specifies the font size in pixels
var ts_fontsize="16px"

//This specifies the font-family
var ts_fontFamily="Comic Sans MS"

//This specifies the font colour, if you want it the same as your page insert "document.body.text"
var ts_fontColour="coral"

///This specifies the font background colour, if you want it the same as your page insert "document.bgColor"
var ts_bgColour="black"

//This specifies the bold font, write "yes" or "no"
var ts_Bold="yes"

//This specifies the line typing speed, 10=Very fast 100=slow
var Line_Speed="50"

//--Don't edit below here--/////////////////////////

Select and Copy this JavaScript
into the <BODY> tag in your document where you wnat the script to appear

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