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This Script Works in IE 5.5+, Opera 8+, Google Chrome 4 & Firefox 1.5+

Description: This script runs the font size from h7 to h1 and back (spaces included). This gives a rolling Sine Wave effect. You can choose your font type and colour.

STEP 1.Simply paste the following script into the <HEAD> tags of your document.

STEP 2. Place this in <SCRIPT> Tags as many times as you like in the <BODY> tags of your document.

<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">
Your Message!")

If using IE to Select and Copy this JavaScript just left click.
Otherwise in most Browsers this will select it, then (Ctrl + C) to Copy
then use (Ctrl +V) to paste into the <HEAD> tags in your document.

May the God of your choice grant you peace.

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