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Script changables in Red
This Script Works in IE 5.5+, Opera 8+, Google Chrome 4 & Firefox 1.5+

Description: This script gives a type of Neon Lights Effect.

STEP 1. Simply paste the following script into the <BODY> tags of your document where you want it to be.

These are the only Changeable’s.
var message="Welcome to Neon Lights Text!"
var neonBaseColor="
var neonTextColor="
var flashSpeed=
100 //in Milliseconds.

I put this into <h1 class="head"> tags then used <STYLE> tags to enhance it thus:
h1.head {font-size:80px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing:10px; font-family: Comic Sans MS, Times New Roman; text-align: center;}

If using IE to Select and Copy this JavaScript just left click.
Otherwise in most Browsers this will select it, then (Ctrl + C) to Copy
then use (Ctrl +V) to paste into the <HEAD> tags in your document.

May God grant you peace and joy for the rest of your life.Gary.




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