The Marquee Tag.

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This script works in, IE 5+, Firefox 3+ & Google Chrome 4+.

The table at the top of the page was done by putting <marquee> </marquee> tags around the table.

The element behavior= “ ” controls the movent; the attributes are ALTERNATE (Moves the object up & down. NOTE: This does not work in Google Chrome), SCROLL (Moves the object continuously.) & SLIDE (Moves the object up to designated height and stops.).

NOTE: In Google Chrome 4 they will not accept alternate with a width except if you put your text in a <table> then if you have more then one word it make the words appear as though they have a <br> tags but keeps the table at the right size. If you put <br> tags in for each word then it works fine.
They all work fine with the height though.
They also will not accept slide & scroll it instead.

The element direction= “ ” controls the direction as if you couldn’t have guessed; the attributes are DOWN, UP, LEFT & RIGHT.

The element scrollamount= “ ” controls the speed. 1 very slow, 20 very fast. You can use an element called truespeed that is written like this: <marquee behavior= “scroll” direction="left" truespeed>.

The element dir= “ltr scrolls the text/object from left to right" there is a dir= “rtl but this dose not work in IE 5.5+, NS 7, Opera 8, Mozilla 1.8 & Firefox 1.5.

The element scrolldelay= “ ” slow the scrolling down by putting in a delay between each movement in milliseconds.
Try this <marquee dir="ltr" scrolldelay="1000"> that is a one second delay.

You have a width & height element so you can determine the start and end of your scrolling. It is a good idea to put <center> tags around <marquee> tags or it will start at the left of your screen go the chosen distance then return to the starting position.

This <center><marquee width="600" behavior="scroll"> Scroll This </marquee></center> would make it scroll only in the centre 600 pixels of your screen or this <marquee height="300" direction="up" behavior= "scroll"> would scroll up for 300 pixels.

See Example 1.

See Example 2.

See Example 3.

See Example 4.

Well that is all I know about the Marquee tag. I pray that you have learnt something as well.

Have a Great Day.
Too Roo Gary




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