There are many types of clocks out on the WWW. So here I give you a choice of some I have written myself and some that I have modified for one reason or another. This Page is for the ones I founnd or made After the Menus were Compled.

You should find something to Suit and or Help you here just click on the Title to see it will open in a new fullsized window. You will also find some others on the top dropdown Menus.

This page give you a alphabetical listing that describes what the date object elements are and what they do and how to use them in scripts. It also shows how they work in arrays.

Tute on Time, Dates
& Related Things.

This page gives you the 2 scripts that appear in the Tute on Time Page that use graphics for dats and months. It also shows how they work work and has the pics to use these two scrpts.

Scripts for Days & Months.

These 2 scripts gives you the Day, Date, Month and a A.M. P.M. or a 24 hour clock and they come in this format: Saturday, April 17, 2004. 02:15:55PM or Sat, Apr. 17, 2004. 02:15:55PM or a combination of the two.
This script also allows you to choose you Font Type, Colour and Size for the Clock.

Date Time AM/PM.

Date Time 24 Hour.

This script draws a table that is This Month’s Calendar and Today’s Date in the Colour of Your Choice and also the Font Type.

Monthly Calendar.

May the God of your choice grant you peace throughout this day.




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