This Script Works in I.E., Opera, Google Chrome & Firefox. These are the only ones I have tested them in.

Script unchangables in Blue
Script changables in Red

Description: This script Blinks on & off. You can choose your font type and colour by creating a style. In this case it was done like this.

STEP 1.This is to Show & Style Your Chosen Text Message
<div id="blinkText" style='color:#ff0000; font-size: 40px; font-weight:bold; font-family: Times New Roman; text-align: center;'></div>

STEP 2. Place the Message that you want to display where you see the Text: Your Blinking Text Message this is at the bottom of the Script.

Important: If you want to add a second or more scripts on the same page as I have done in the heading table. You need to make sure that that these 5 things are changed in the each script the easiest way would be just add a number e.g. div id="blinkText2", function blinkText2, function blinkIt2, clearInterval(blinkIt2); blinkText("Your Message", "blinkText2");

// Makes text to blink and id of element to blink text in
function blinkText(text, id) {
// Changes the Blink interval the greater the number the slower
setInterval(blinkIt, 500);

// Flag to see if text state is true or false
var MyMessage = true;
var MyNum = 1;
var divID = document.getElementById(id);

// Number of times to blink text
function blinkIt() {
if (MyNum <
1000000) { // to set number of seconds to run - this is 11.57days
if (MyMessage) {
divID.innerHTML = text;
MyMessage = false;
// end if
else {
divID.innerHTML = "";
MyMessage = true;
//end else
//end if one
else {
// Delete if it is still showing
divID.innerHTML = "";
// Stop blinking
//end else
}// end function
blinkText("Your Blinking Text Message", "blinkText"); //The First is Your Message; Second is the Divison ID

To Select and Copy this JavaScript just left click in the text box and choose Select All in most Browsers this will select it, then (Ctrl + C) to Copy then use (Ctrl +V) to paste into in your document.

May the God grant you peace throughout your life.




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