Ruth Chapter 2. Ruth Chapter 3.
Ruth Chapter 4. True Greatness Comes From Humility.
Giving With Dignity. Understanding the Breaking of Bread from Jesus Point of View.
Country Club Christianity. James Chapter 01
James Chapter 02 James Chapter 03
James Chapter 04 James Chapter 05
The Epistle of Jude The Gift of Living Water.
Elijah The Tishbite SinAsInTheOldTestament.
Sin As In The New Testament.  David Man After Gods Heart.
David Strengthened In The Lord His God.  David at the Front or at the Base.
David and Nathans Rebuke. Prove Yourself a Person
Eli’s Ineffective Reproof. Caleb Followed The Lord Fully.
Moved by Compassion.  Extending Grace to Each Other Via Our Conversations.
Am I My Brothers & Sisters Keeper?.  Hannah – A Woman Of Faith.
The Bad Bargain of Esau. The Samaritans Religion.
Books of the Torah in English and Hebrew. Crucified Between Two Thieves. 


There will be more put up over the next couple of months as I am totally redoing the site.
Have a great day Gary.

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